Sunday, July 12, 2009

UFC 101 Declaration

On Saturday August 8, 2009 in Philadelphia BJ Penn returns to the octagon to defend his lightweight title against the number one contender Kenny Florian. In his last outing against Georges St-Pierre at UFC 94, Penn was completely dominated. But remember, at lightweight Penn has been the one dominating the competition. He is basically cleaning out the whole division. Kenny Florian on the other hand has been doing the same in the lightweight division winning his last six fights. And winning them very impressively. He is hoping to do against Penn what he couldn't against Shawn Sherk. To capture the lightweight title. I think Penn will come into this fight to redeem himself from his last performance and retain his belt. Then there is Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin. Forrest Griffin is a very big light heavyweight contender and former UFC champion. He has great stamina, works hard, and is a tough guy. But he is up against the pound-for-pound king of mixed martial arts and current middleweight champion in Silva. This dude is a monster with tremendous striking abilities and pinpoint accuracy. His ground game is sick too! No one is giving Forrest a chance in this fight (including myself :-P) but nonetheless it will be a fun fight to watch!

Fight / Who I Think Will Win / Winner

BJ Penn(13-5-1) vs Kenny Florian(13-3-0) / Penn / Penn

Anderson Silva(24-4-0) vs Forrest Griffin(16-5-0) / Silva / Silva

Amir Sadollah(2-0-0) vs Johnny Hendricks(5-0-0) / Sadollah / Hendricks

Kendall Grove(12-5-0) vs Ricardo Almeida(10-3-0) / Grove / Almeida

Josh Neer(25-7-1) vs Kurt Pellegrino(19-4-0) / Neer / Pellegrino

Shane Nelson(13-3-0) vs Aaron Riley(27-11-1) / Nelson / Riley

Tamdan McCrory(12-2-0) vs John Howard(11-4-0) / McCrory / Howard

Thales Leites(14-2-0) vs Alessio Sakara(17-7-1) / Sakara / Sakara

Matt Riddle(2-0-0) vs Dan Cramer(1-0-0) / Cramer / Riddle

George Sotiropoulos(9-2-0) vs Rob Emerson(10-7-1) / Sotiropoulos / Sotiropoulos

Jesse Lennox(14-1-0) vs Danillo Villefort(9-2-0) / Lennox / Lennox

Saturday, June 27, 2009

TUF Season 10

The return of the heavyweights on the Ultimate Fighter begins on September 16, 2009. These giants will be coached by Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Rashad Evans. Being the coaches have a huge rivalry going on makes season 10 that much more exciting to watch. This started in the cage after Rampage's victory over Keith Jardine, Evans teammate, at UFC 96. Exchanging competitive words face to face will sure get feelings hurt and spirits fired up. But wait, there's more! Kimbo Slice will be one of 16 competitors fighting for a six figure contract with the UFC. Many harsh words have been said of Kimbo from UFC President Dana White. One I always crack up on is when he said Kimbo would get murded by lightweight champion BJ Penn. Anyways, Kimbo is taking it serious to come out as the next TUF champion. Does this season have all the ingredients to be one of the best TUF seasons ever? Definitely. Will Kimbo win the contract? I don't think he will. He's a decent fighter in my opinion and will improve while in the house, but I don't think he will pull it off. I think that if Seth Petruzelli, former TUF 2 alum, dropped Kimbo at EliteXC: Heat last October then he will get dropped again. This time by a true heavyweight. (Remember Petruzelli stepped into their fight at 205 pounds while Kimbo weighed in at around 235 pounds.) I guess we will find out this coming fall. I'll tell you what. If Kimbo does somehow win it all then I guess I'll eat my words!

Friday, June 26, 2009

UFC 100

When considering the next big thing in MMA, Brock Lesnar comes to mind. You could even argue that newly crowned light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida can be thought as the man with the plan. But all in all Brock Lesnar is it. I mean c'mon, love him or hate him, you know you want to see him fight. Period! Even though I was never a huge fan of Mr. Lesnar during his stint in the WWE, I have followed his short MMA career. Watching the guerilla-like man move the way he does is simply amazing. I literally see people standing on the tip of their toes watching his fights because it's plain out exciting! Not to mention that he has brought a massive ammount of fans to the MMA and UFC world. Everybody and i mean EVERYBODY wants to see this dude fight. On July 11 he has a title unification fight with Frank Mir, who has already beaten Lesnar in his UFC debut back at UFC 81. I think this time around Lesnar will be prepared and reign victorious at UFC 100. Also, there are two other standout fights on the same card. One of the awesome matchups is Georges St-Pierre vs. Thiago Alves. As you already know, St-Pierre has all the tools to beat anyone in the welterweight division. Seriously, what can't he do? Still Alves is no joke and will bring a fight with his brutal muay thai skills. I do believe Thiago Alves will pull off the upset to win the UFC welterweight title. The last of the "big three" on the card is Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping. Honestly I was ready for those two to square off on the Ultimate Fighter 9! Both fellas are tough as nails with unique skills that set them apart from many. Henderson has the awesome greco roman wrestling and power in both hands while Bisping has good striking abilities with a relentless assault he gives to his opponent. It will be a war. With that said I'm rooting for Henderson but I think Bisping will take the win. I can't wait for this event! Don't forget July 11 everybody!

Fight / Who I Think Will Win / Winner

Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir / Brock Lesnar / Lesnar

Georges St-Pierre vs Thiago Alves / Thiago Alves / St-Pierre

Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping / Michael Bisping / Henderson

John Fitch vs Paulo Thiago / John Fitch / Fitch

Yoshihiro Akiyama vs Alan Belcher / Alan Belcher / Sexiyama

Mark Coleman vs Stephan Bonnar / Stephan Bonnar / Coleman

Mac Danzig vs Jim Miller / Jim Miller / Miller

Jon Jones vs Jake O'Brien / Jon Jones / Jones

Dong Hyun Kim vs TJ Grant / Dong Hyun Kim / Kim

CB Dollaway vs Tom Lawlor / CB Dollaway / Lawlor

Matt Grice vs Shannon Gugerty / Matt Grice / Gugerty

Wow...what can I say. UFC 100 was very entertaining. Especially the big 3 fights. Lesnar staight jail house beatdown Mir in the second with a TKO. As soon as he was on top of Mir everyone knew he wasn't getting the manilla gorilla off of him. St-Pierre dominated Alves the whole fight. Take down after take down, Alves couldn't defend it at all. (Pretty much the equivilent of me wrestling a 10 year old)Even though St-Pierre injured his groin in the third round he kept going as if nothing happend and scored the unanimous decision to retain his welterweight title. And then there was Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping. Damn....Hendo basically knocked Bisping's head off his shoulders in the second round with a demon powered right hook which put him to sleep on the spot. As Bisping laid "out" on the canvas, Henderson delivered a leaping elbow to Bisping's mouth for extra measure. Needless to say, dude wasn't getting up for awhile. Great card!!!